Thursday, September 27, 2007

Awareness of God's Gifts

When I was a student pastor in San Angelo, Texas I had one shining moment in each week’s worship service. I called for the ushers to come forward for the offering. There were three pastor’s on staff, and two other full time program staff people. There was a lot of worship leadership to share. So my one consistent moment in worship was to ask the ushers to come forward as I would say “Let us now share in God’s gifts and our offerings.” This was a subtle thing but I had to remember to say “God’s gifts” not “Our gifts.” It is a simple way to remember all of our stuff belongs to God.

That simple statement significantly raised my awareness of God’s gifts. What if in your prayers this month you were constantly able to thank God for the gifts you have received. When your paycheck comes this month can you give thanks to God? When you buy groceries at the store, can you say a prayer of thanks for all the people, time and effort that have come together so you can have some food? When you are helping another person by giving some of your time to be with them, can you say a prayer of thanks?

I wonder if we stop to consider all the gifts that we have if we wouldn’t join the constant heavenly chorus in giving praise to God. Have you considered writing a thank you note to God for some everyday object that you are thankful for? What would your thank you note to God look like if you gave thanks for your phone or your refrigerator or your car? How would your attitude about those objects change after you said a prayer of thanks?

I invite you to notice the blessings in your life and to freely give thanks to God.